Trick Art 3D Gallery – Modern gallery of three-dimensional paintings. In the creation of paintings is used technically reception trompe-l'oeil, which in translation means "deception of sight." The purpose is to create an optical illusion of the volume represented on a two-dimensional plane of the object. Such techniques were used still in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, today the trompole has become widespread among artists painted on asphalt, and graphitivists.

3D Pictures allow you to take photos closer to 3D reality. Paintings can be touched by hands, depending on their plot, depicting different emotions and movement, for visitors it is not just a fun hangout, here everyone gets the opportunity to develop their acting skills. Then, in front of the camera lens, the picture "comes alive", the effect of the presence is created, and guests of the gallery become the heroes of the plot of each picture.

Our exposition includes paintings made both with computer graphics, and real paintings, as well as interactive rooms. Totally in the exhibition, 39 locations - these are single-wall works (wall and floor), as well as paintings created in two and three planes.